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Centrum Kultury Galeria Sztuki Hugonówka, Warszawa-Konstancin Jeziorna 2023_edited.jpg

Henryka Milczanowska


Henryka Milczanowska is an art historian from Poland, President of the Foundation ‘Polish Artists in The World’ 1939-1989 (Pol. Fundacja dla Polskiej Sztuki Emigracyjnej 1939-1989), and member of the Polish Institute of World Art Studies in Warsaw. She collaborates with Polish artists residing all over the world on the organisation of exhibitions of their works. She has published numerous texts related to her exhibition projects as well as articles in international art magazines and periodicals such as Culture Avenue,, Art&Business and, Sztuka i Krytyka, amongst others. Since 2017, Milczanowska has been the curator of original exhibitions of Marta Czok’s works in Poland.

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