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The Foundation originates in the work of Marta Czok, British artist of Polish origins, based in Rome, born in Beirut in 1947. Inspired by the themes of her work, the Foundation aims to develop opportunities in contemporary art, enabling the work of artists, curators and thinkers, who place an emphasis on cultural exchange, social and political commentary, the experience of migration and the representation of gender and cultural identity. Finally, Fondazione Marta Czok aims to foster collaborations with other non-profit organisations, developing artistic projects to support their activities, with a particular focus on social inclusion and cultural diversity.


Below, we include an extract from the Mission Statement (Statuto) of the Fondazione Marta Czok, which reports the purposes of the organisation.

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation that pursues civic, solidarity and social utility purposes. The Foundation has the purpose of promoting culture and art in Italy and abroad. The main purposes include:

- to promote, support and disseminate the knowledge, study and work of the creative genius of the artist Marta Czok;

- certify its authenticity and, with its cataloging, guarantee the transparency of exchanges of the artist's works, through a qualified and regulated management of the archive of his works, ensuring collectors a certified service;

- carry out the cataloging of the artistic work, up to now produced by the artist Marta Czok and, in the future, of the complete one;

- establish, manage, preserve over time and therefore protect in every possible way the archive of the material produced by the artist Marta Czok, including that already known, cataloged or authenticated to date: paintings, drawings, graphics, but also writings, photographic material and documents; also provide for the reasoned collection and reorganization of documents and testimonies relating to the artist Marta Czok (correspondence, volumes, catalogs, printed articles, manuscripts, photographs, interviews, etc.);

- provide the essential guarantee of the authenticity of the work of the artist Marta Czok, following the activities of a careful study, of a valid comparison with the material in the possession of the archive or of third parties, possibly also providing a registration number and a corresponding file card;

- allow third parties to register the works of the artist Marta Czok in the social archive;

- provide for any fulfillment, even if only appropriate and not necessary, for any deposit (for example, at the SIAE), any registration or publication of the works of the artist Marta Czok;

- require third parties to request prior authorization for the use and type of use of the images of works by the artist Marta Czok;

- represent the ownership of all rights of use relating to the works of the artist Marta Czok and therefore constitute the official body that conserves and manages the artistic heritage of Marta Czok, which takes care of the partial archive and, in the future, that general of his work and that he is the only one entitled to issue the certificate of authentication of the works of the artist Marta Czok, to satisfy the need to provide scholars and the market with the possibility of verifying their authenticity;

- protect the assets of the artist Marta Czok, also from a legal point of view, by providing a specific mandate, general or special, of the person concerned and, in the future, of his successors; - acquire and protect the ownership of the rights relating to the works of the artist Marta Czok; and this both on works already acquired in the corporate assets and on those owned by third parties;

- prevent third parties from reproducing the works of the artist Marta Czok in any form, except for the limited cases of free use for purposes and conditions provided for by Law 633/1941;

- acquire and manage the ownership of those texts, comments and photographic reproductions that affect the activity of the artist Marta Czok;

- carry out scientific consultancy activities, regarding the work of the artist Marta Czok, in favor of organizations, institutions, collectors and scholars;

- organize, also on behalf of third parties, specific initiatives, such as: reviews, shows, exhibitions, conferences, conferences, debates, lectures on the artist Marta Czok and her time and, in any case, on modern and contemporary art;

- publication of critical essays, articles, documentary studies, annotated letters, degree theses, concerning the work of the artist Marta Czok and, in any case, in the field of modern and contemporary art;

- creation of computer aids, such as CD ROMs and websites, also as connection tools between existing sites, concerning the artist Marta Czok and, in any case, in the field of modern and contemporary art;

- dissemination of books, specialized magazines and non-daily newspapers, concerning the artist Marta Czok and, in any case, in the field of modern and contemporary art;

- collaborate on an ongoing basis with the Italian and international courts and with the police forces for the protection of the artistic heritage and, in particular, that of the aforementioned artist.

The Foundation has the purpose of promoting culture and art and also pursues the purpose of study, promotion and enhancement also in the following areas: the role of figuration in contemporary art, the work of artists at the cusp between different cultures and nationality, the theatricality of the image in contemporary art, the social and political commentary in art, the role of migration and cultural contamination, with particular reference to the United Kingdom, Poland and Italy, the exploration of historical artistic styles in the imagination of the contemporary artist.

Finally, the Foundation wants to bring the message of cultural integration, of freedom of speech and expression, of cultural growth, a message inherent in the works of Marta Czok, through initiatives of solidarity and charity. Such initiatives may include collaborations with bodies relevant to this message, educational workshops and projects, and initiatives aimed at social and community support.

In the social and solidarity sphere, the Foundation promotes community development by involving people in cultural and entrepreneurial projects. In particular, the Foundation can promote and participate in initiatives suitable for the generation of income and employment of local communities belonging to the territory in which it is based, which are aimed at sustainable urban development and / or the protection of the environment or heritage. cultural and its promotion.

For the implementation of the aforementioned purposes, the Foundation may take care of:

a) the creation of a real museum, intended as a place for research, conservation and enhancement, of the work of the artist Marta Czok, in its national and international relations and, in any case, of modern and contemporary art;

b) the promotion of studies relating to the history and criticism of modern and contemporary art;

c) the organization of cultural debates and conferences, the publication of magazines or books in the field of culture, art, literature and criticism in the specific subject, as well as the attribution of financial contributions to high-level cultural initiatives , inherent in the field of contemporary art;

d) the institution of a prize for young artists who intend to perfect and extend the experimental aspects of a new work on expressive language, in particular in painting and sculpture;

e) the information and entertainment of relationships with important museums and organizations, including international ones, for the dissemination of the work of the artist Marta Czok and, in any case, of modern and contemporary art, and the pursuit of the aims of the association , for the possible transfer, donation or loan of works of art.

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