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MUSEUM - Permanent Collection

Castel Gandolfo, Rome

The Museo Fondazione Marta Czok was opened in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) in 2020-2021 and hosts a permanent retrospective exhibition by the Artist. The collection is divided into key thematic areas: we enter via the  Prologue - History Revisited, then move through the rooms dedicated to the Eternal City, into political commentary via the Napoleon Complex and the Power Route; we are then immersed in the lived experience of conflict in Traces of War, leading to a playful commentary on contemporary art in But is it Art?, and finally to the room titled People, which in fact could represent all the work of Marta Czok, since the artist, in her paintings, analyses the human dimension in all its facets, from everyday life to the great moments in history. All the main themes treated by Marta Czok across her career are therefore presented here, through some of her most emblematic works.

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