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Ongoing Project:

Creating an archive for an art collection is not only about exhaustively cataloguing the works included, but also about enhancing their dissemination strategies, so that the archive may represent an accessible and engaging resource for the specialized public, or for those who simply want to learn about the work of an artist.


The archive we are building with Fondazione Marta Czok is therefore conceived in an innovative way, using new digitization technologies and documenting the archiving process itself as a research project, which rigorously encompasses methodological, ethical and cultural considerations. In this sense, the archive can also act as an artistic/curatorial project, which integrates the artistic work and contextualizes it as cultural heritage.

This project therefore aims to make use of different skills in the field: from technological ones, also using virtual reality and the metaverse as areas of research, to curatorial and artistic ones, so that the project has an interdisciplinary value that can bring innovations in contemporary art and respond to new sensitivities in this context.

Screenshot_20240517_152234_Gallery (1).jpg
IMG_20231201_150732 (1)_edited.jpg

The creation of this archive therefore foresees the following outcomes:

  • An exhaustive digital catalogue of Marta Czok's works from the early 1980s to the present day;

  • An exhaustive publication of Marta Czok's work, which includes the curatorial and historical perspectives of international experts in the field;

  • The creation of events and exhibitions dedicated to this project, in collaboration with public and research institutions at an international level;

  • The integration of new technologies to complement both the digital catalogue and its dissemination in the events mentioned here.

What we've accomplished so far:

  • We have begun a process of cataloguing Marta Czok's works, inviting collectors of her works over four decades to collaborate on this project;

  • We are experimenting with new methodologies of virtual realisation of Marta Czok's works, in collaboration with AVR London and Anise Gallery in London;

  • We are working on a publication on Marta Czok, by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, which is complemented by a further publication project with several authors in the field;

  • The concept of Archivum is inherent to Marta Czok's upcoming retrospective at Palazzo Mathis in Bra (September / October 2024).

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