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In this page, we collate a selection of recent comments received from the public, responding to Marta Czok's work. Contact us to submit your comments and publish them here.

Woman taking note

Marta Czok is a "true" artist, each of her works is unique and different. Each painting is a moment, a feeling, a voice. The images of everyday life are delicate, the kitchens, the cakes, the chubby grandmothers that refer to the figures and the deep bonds that mark us in childhood, but personally I find exceptional the way in which Marta Czok managed to represent the most disturbing aspects and cruel of history and of our time: the tragedy of the Holocaust, of lives devastated by war, prejudice and discrimination, the brutality of having to leave one's land and then corruption and pollution. There is a lot of harmony and elegance in these brave works, typical of shy women but extraordinarily capable of making their voices heard.                                           

Giovanna Sartirano

Marta Czok's paintings came into my life by chance, many years ago and since then, every day, they tell each other and speak to me about the history and emotions of each of us or the moods of the world, with the beauty of their images and their colors and with a unique poetry and irony. Since then they have accompanied me in everyday life, making it unique.       

Raffaella Rossi

There are two dominant motifs that I find in Marta's works, Nostalgia and Anger.

Nostalgia appears sovereign in all those settings that touch the family and family life with holidays and traditions as we notice in the whole houses or in the toys depicted, with a dynamic static, to highlight a vitality that is now extinguished. The tones of the colors, sometimes bright, sometimes veiled, reveal the changes in mood and the strong bond.

The contained and suffused anger in representing the Shoah, on the other hand, becomes raw and intense towards what in the world turns in the wrong direction: power, the god of money, the destructive fury of pollution. With an out-of-the-box satire these anomalies are represented, ridiculed, highlighted with tones and colors to make those who approach and observe the canvases reflect.

A path that started from a classical school that allowed her to express these feelings and make them reach those who have had the pleasure of peering beyond the colors.

With love, Renzo.           

Renzo Scarso

We met the works of the artist Marta Czok many years ago and  we were immediately conquered by the witty way in which he puts under the magnifying glass "the vices" of state and church power, the "exciting crudeness" with which he narrates the war and the drama of the Shoah, the irony with which he describes everyday life.

On the occasion of an exhibition at the Carlo Bilotti Museum we had the honor of meeting the artist and it was like knowing her forever. Intelligent, brilliant and sensitive woman capable of transmitting emotions as her works do.

Antonella and Paolo Dalla Vecchia

I was walking through a rather boring art fair, with my thoughts turned away and my eyes down. Then, suddenly I met the works of Marta Czok and it was a revelation. I was then a budding curator, yes I had some skills and some nice exhibitions on my resume… but I still hadn't found myself. My love for figuration was still vague, a love that today has instead become radical, both as a personal aesthetic taste and from a professional point of view. But I was saying, Marta Czok's paintings overwhelmed me: smiles, tears, strong emotions. A little intimidated, I stepped forward, asking for information about the author. Her husband was at the fair. A little surprised at first. I, more and more disconcerted, remain impaled in front of the paintings, look at them and regard them, I mark the name of the painter and go away. Truly upset by the power of his works. Valter Scarso, Marta's husband, called me back and gave me a catalog: "You can see that you really like him" he told me. And Valter and Marta have trusted me. They trusted my heart, what I felt and thought and entrusted me with the curation of some extraordinary exhibitions of Marta. So, thanks to them, I grew up on a human and professional level.

I will never forget the day I fell in love with Marta's works and which have always held a great place in my heart ever since.

But I am also grateful to her and her husband for the great humanity they have shown, for their availability, generosity, for the absolute absence of preconceptions.

What then are the ideological and existential emotional coordinates of the work - strongly political - that Marta expresses in her works.

Since then, one thing has become fundamental for me: the inseparability between art and life.

Marta Czok paints what it is.

For me a great painter, but also a great woman, to whom I owe a lot.

Thanks Marta.       

Barbara Codogno

I am Nadia and I am a cancer patient. I spend a lot of time in the hospital but when I get home, as soon as I enter the living room, the first thing I do is admire the work of  Marta Czok. They make me feel good right away, they give me so much joy. I admire her very much, Marta Czok is really a great artist, I only own five of her works but I feel lucky because her works fill my heart with beauty.    

Nadia  Pavan

To the immediacy and essential synthesis typical of a cartoonist, MC adds the accuracy of a miniaturist who leaves nothing to chance. 

With this magical creative combination, the message that MC wants to convey to those who observe his works, arrives clear and strong, without the possibility of interpretative error: it goes straight to the heart and moves in the works in which it represents scenes of familiar everyday life; it goes straight in the belly like a treacherous stab in the works in which it represents the social hierarchy, its exact stratification and the relational dynamics inherent in it, dynamics from which no one escapes, neither whoever happens higher nor who happens below.

MC's works have fallen in love with me  years ago at the Fiera di Roma and still fall in love with Arte in Nuvola today.

I was asked to be concise, but I'm in love: any lover would spend hours and hours talking about their object of love. Less than that, I can't!

Grazie Signora Czok   

Maria Pia Coccia

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