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The Marta Czok Foundation (Fondazione Marta Czok), based in Rome and Venice, is dedicated to the creation of artistic and cultural projects in Italy and internationally, with a particular focus on the dissemination and study of the work of Marta Czok. The Foundation has a dedicated Museum for the permanent collection of Czok's work in Castel Gandolfo (Rome), as well as a new Project Space in Venice. The Foundation is recognised by the National Register of the Third Sector (Italy) and is a member of the global network World Art Foundations.

British of Polish origins and based in Italy, Marta Czok was born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1947. Her works, exhibited in private and public collections worldwide, explore contemporary figuration as a vehicle for political satire and social commentary, also drawing on her experience of migration.

The Marta Czok Foundation Museum was opened in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) in 2020-2021 and hosts a permanent retrospective exhibition of the Artist's work.

The Foundation's new Project Space  (Venice, Rialto) hosts international projects, inspired by key themes of the Artist's work, including the experience of migration and the role of social commentary in contemporary art.

The Foundation aims to create innovative projects spanning art, curation, participation, education and philanthropy. The projects stem from the themes raised by Czok's work: the experience of migration, social and political commentary, and the representation of gender and cultural identity. 

Museo Fondazione Marta Czok

Via Prati 3 – 5 – 7

00073 Castel Gandolfo (Rome) - Italy

T. +39.339.4382094


Open by appointment

For more details on Marta Czok's works:

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